Saturday, December 27, 2008

漢字 = 中国語 ??

だから、英語とmalay languageをかきます。

because kanji characters are almost the same with those of chinese fact, sometimes i still write wrongly my chinese name! what a shame! hahaa
putting together those strokes to make a kanji or chinese character is really really a tough job for me! and i write very ugly characters! =P hahaa
somehow, learning japanese in the same time helping me learning chinese as well..
yes! it's tough! and i know that the effort i need to give must be more than others..
BUT...that's okay! =) i enjoy the process..

がんばってto myself !!
がんばってtoo to others who have the same experiences like me..

Friday, December 26, 2008


Queensbay Mallにいきました。クリスマスツリーの飾りはきれいでした。

juanさん、yi yingさん、jackさん

1) ひるごはんをたべました。
2) secret recipe のケエキをたべました。

私はcaramel cream cheese cakeをたべました。caramel cream cheese cake yum yum!!


yoghurt cheese, marble cheese, mango delightがあります。

3) 私はともだちとsecret recipeで一時間半ぐらいはなしました。おもしろかったです。
because we "kepoh" lots of other friends stuff. not "bitching" around ! hahaha
BUT, we had some great laughs!! =)

4) たくさん写真をとりました。(ask me personally if u wana see em =P)

5) bayをいきました。いい天気ですね。with strong wind, that was really really nice!! four of us sit by the bay and talk and talk and talk. hee...

6) cantoneseのえいがをみました。"IP MAN"をみました。よかったです。it's a very nice action movie! highly recommended if you haven't watch it ;)